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"A competitive party game with a tasty mix of fun and friendship ruining! Definitely a 10/10... Never call me again. 😤🤬💀"

- A former friend.

Ultra Foodmess is a competitive party game for up to 4 players in which food characters battle against each other in a variety of crazy and fast-paced modes! Experience the food mess! Call your friends to explode, shoot, swing, push, dodge, destroy and, eventually, ruin your friendship.

  • 2 to 4 Players on LOCAL MULTIPLAYER!
  • 11 different fast-paced GAME MODES that are always changing! (Choose from a great variety of crazy modes, each of them with their own mechanics)
  • A lot of FOOD CHARACTERS (choose the food that you like the most to defeat the others and prove who is the best!)
  • It’s very EASY TO PLAY! (Anyone can pick up the controller and start having fun)
  • Battle against the AI! (We didn't forget you, forever alone ones. So get ready and battle against the food bots)
  • UNLOCKABLES! (Finish the challenges to earn achievements and unlock new awesome characters).



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